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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Made it through...

So I had the brain MRI yesterday. It sucked, as I knew it would. But without the wonderful people at the MRI center and Alan beside me, I would not have even been able to get in the tube. Rachel, the technician, was incredible. She was with me the entire time, holding my hand and talking me through the whole series. She told me how long it would last and what was happening next. She was amazing. When she first got me in the tube, she said that Nicole -- another technician -- was going to hold my right hand while she set up the machine, then Rachel would come out and hold my other hand. So that is what I thought was happening -- my right hand was held by Nicole and then when Rachel was back, she was holding my left. Alan was there too, with his hand on my leg. I could not see anyone or anything since the tube is long and really close to your face.

I held onto those hands like they were saving me from drowning -- they were lifelines to me. And the oddest thing was this -- I really felt close to the person on my right. I wanted that hand near me -- I felt so much love and support from that person. This struck me as kind of weird since I thought that Nicole, the technician, was holding that hand. But whatever -- I didn't question it but just held onto her hand as tight as I could.

20 long minutes later and we were on the final series. They were so loud -- it feels like someone is firing a nailgun right beside your ears. It really is a horrible thing, that tube. But the info it gives is critical right now so it needed to be done.

Anyway, I made it through the last set and the next thing I knew, I was being pulled out of the tube. Imagine my surprise to see that it was Alan holding my right hand!! That was the hand I was grabbing so hard that he said he lost feeling in his fingers. I still find that amazing -- without knowing who it was, without being able to see or hear anything, it was pure energy that told me what I needed to know: Alan was on my right side. That is still very powerful to me.

So now we wait. I know that they sent the results and that the Radiologist called my doctor. I just want to move on with my life and be sure that we are on the right path. I know things are going to be okay.

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